What does culture glorify?

Tonight as I ate my late-night pizza alone, I sat in the corner of the dining hall near the TV. It was turned on, but I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention.

The TV was tuned to VH-1, and as I watched passively, it made me wonder: What does the modern culture glorify?

From what I saw on VH-1, I would say that culture worship and glorifies bad parenting and disobedient children. You may be saying "But no one watches that stuff anyways." If no one watches it, why is it stil on TV?

Why does modern culture worshiping bad parenting and disobedient children? I wish I had an answer for that. It's probably been horribly misadvertised as "Good entertainment"

These shows not only are the worst entertainment that is conceivable, it will slowly destroy the human race when folded into several generations. Kids will see these people as role models and grow up to be the bad parents they see on TV.

Anyways, without getting too wrapped up in that. What SHOULD we glorify? This seems like a trivial question, however, the answer goes much deeper than the surface. I'll let the Westminister Shorter Catechism talk for a minute:

Q1: What is the chief end of man? A1: Man's chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy Him for ever.
This may seem like a cop-out of an answer, but it's not intended to be. Glorifying God is the chief end of man. We were made for it. How each of us glorifies God depends on our given gifts, but ultimately, it comes down to obedience.

Anyways, I feel as though I've talked enough on that. It's getting late, and I have class in about 8 hours.

King of all the earth and every age All creation waits for You, and trembles at Your name Surrounded on a throne of endless praise Fire and lighting flash from the glory of Your face

And I sing to You:

You are holy
You are worthy
You are holy
You're the Lamb of God

How do I dare approach
This Holy One
The One who was and is.
Was and is to come

--Tenth Avenue North, "Lamb of God"