School year coming to an end...


It feels like this past semester has flown by. Perhaps it has. It sure feels like it.

As the semester draws to a close, my summer just keeps filling up. I'm going from Graduation, to getting my Wisdom teeth out, to going on vacation, to UMBC orientation, to VBS at our church.

Anyways, Graduation isn't until June, so I'll have a few weeks to do some computer work. I'm planning to refurbish several computers for a local non-profit organization that provides drug and alcohol free environments to men in recovery. (The machines have been sitting in my dining room for a few months now...) If you have a machine you would like to donate, please drop me an email.

In the meantime, I jumped up to Natty Narwhal on my laptop almost 2 weeks ago. It's really starting to feel like the polished Ubuntu releases I've come to expect. 2 days until final release. :D


Right now I'm fiddling with getting XBMC to run on my laptop -- I had to tweak the repository to be "maverick" instead of "natty"... :( I got it to run, though.

'Till later,