Music and numbers

For as long as I've kept a music library with some form of software, I've always enjoyed tracking what songs float to the top of my play counts. Unfortunately, through years of switching computers and reformatting Ubuntu machines, I've managed to lose that multiple times...

Then, last October I found It's awesome. I have a piece of software that runs on my laptop (or in the case of Ubuntu machines, I just put my login information into the music player...) and submits every single song I listen to from my laptop. My Squeezebox (which I love, btw) has a similar thing - every song I listen to, be it on Pandora, Slacker, or out of my library, gets submitted.

About a year later and I've got over 14,000 plays submitted to then allows me to sort by top artists, top albums, or top tracks. It's always interesting to see what floats at the top, so here's my top 15:  (There's 3 songs tied for 14th place, so there's actually 16)

  1. Skillet - Whispers in the Dark
  2. Skillet - Monster
  3. Skillet - Comatose
  4. Skillet - Rebirthing
  5. Skillet - Awake and Alive
  6. Skillet - Hero
  7. Skillet - Forgiven (tied for #6)
  8. Skillet - Better than drugs
  9. Skillet - Collide
  10. Red - Faceless (tied for #9)
  11. Red - Pieces
  12. Skillet - Forsaken
  13. Red Breathe into me (tied for #12)
  14. Breaking Benjamin - The Diary of Jane
  15. Skillet - Those nights (tied for #14)
  16. Switchfoot - Dare you to move (tied for #14)
I really love all these songs, and find it really cool that is free. Check it out! It's awesome.

Anyways, I need to get back to school work.

'Till later