"Beat that, they'd release a nerd"

So I was bored procrastinating on actual homework, and was thinking about markov chains. I decided that I wanted to see what all my facebook posts produced when feed into a markov chain.

First, I downloaded the data. Wooo, 300mb of messages + a few thousand statusses. I wrote a little bit of perl (which I shall, at some point post on github) that strips out all the html crap. Then I wrote another that strips out some pointless characters (such as ", [, {, (, :, ;, etc., as well as http and https links. When I took out line endings, it was unbearably long.)

The title of this post was the last straw that made me want to post this blog post. Blame that. Here's some other gold:

  • 'Cool'
  • 'Kinda weird'
  • 'sigh Maybe Wednesday, the download page paper to just say that it is making muffins, realized I found chapstick in Physical Science lab'
  • 'GET OFF THE ROADS NOW' (Probably from when I got either my license or learner's permit)
  • 'Only in wine' (probably refering to Wine Is Not an Emulator, not the alcoholic kind)
  • "I don't try to go"
  • 'Wow Being bored'
  • 'Playing Portal 2' (wow, makes sense!)
  • 'Is liking the ITE building just sound booth watching the kitchen The cake Is supposed to a slightly longer pause tap pause tap tap tap pause tap tap tap pause tap tap tap tap tap pause tap tap tap pause tap tap pause Plenty of control is enough to keep my walls we should procrastinate a lot of our trip and the whole year'
  • "Wait a better than 10 10 24, I'm wearing the Texan's QB's face into a ceillng fan in possession of the country is 10 minutes"
  • 'has to take a gui' (wat)
  • 'but I might qualify for his windshield, Rain x is making a little less than calling me a new stories'
  • "It's amazing thunderstorm"
  • 'The professor is ~800mb'

I'm sure this will yield some more gold. I plan (very very soon) to integrate my messaging history into this, that should add a bunch more coolness to the mix.

Update: github link for the perl I wrote to scrape content out of Facebook's HTML downloads.