The beginning of the end...

Last Thursday night was my last Intervarsity Large group as an undergraduate (and most likely as a student altogether - i.e. not planning on Grad School). It still doesn't feel quite real yet, and it's going to be weird when the spring semester starts and everyone else goes back to school while I'm off at work.

There hasn't been a group of friends that I've felt closer to than those in Intervarsity. You've all had a wonderful impact on my experience at UMBC. I'm saddened that I have to leave some of you so quickly (i.e. the incoming freshmen this year), and soon you'll be in my position. (it goes quick!)

It feels like just yesterday I was in your shoes. My first IV large group was one to remember - so many new faces, plus a few that I'd already met. We broke up into small groups and talked about shampoo... Good times indeed.

Regardless of whether we remain in touch in this life, I look forward to catching up in the next. Thank you all for the encouragement, the challenges, and the friendship!

I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, because your faith is proclaimed in all the world. - Romans 1:8