So, seeing as yesterday was Christmas, and seeing how much of a tech nerd I am, I jumped on the opportunity to ask for a Pebble Smartwatch.

Today, after the chaos of Christmas ended, I sat down to muck around with the Pebble SDK. I was pleasantly surprised (though not terribly so, considering how power efficient the Pebble has to be!) to see everything written in C. Cool. I can handle that. (been doing C this past semester, Java is getting a little rusty since it's now been over a year since I did it for any sort of credit...)

My first task that I assigned myself (mostly to get my feet wet) was to fix the initially terrible Binary Clock app. If you don't already know, it uses a row for 10's of hours, a row for hours, a row for 10's of minutes, and so forth. Also, I feel the Endian-ness is backwards, with the bigger bits on the right.

My other binary clock that I have has an option to make it truly binary - aka a single set of bits for hours, minutes, and seconds. I figured it would be a simple task to do the same for the pebble.

Half an hour later, and I'm done with minimal trouble.


Of course, the endian-ness is still wrong. A few minutes (you should be able to tell how long...) of code hacking later, and I ended up with this.


(apologies for the sub-optimal image quality. I took these on my tablet and didn't spend the most time in the world cleaning them up...)

Anyways, I'm probably going to poke at some more stuff. It was not terribly difficult. You can see my git repository here, and you can download the pebble package here from the pebble appstore! [search for "a better bit"].

That's all for now!